"KARMA FROM THE PAST”  by OZE AZUBIKE PAUL, is a touching story about Beatrice who messed herself up in her youthful age and got in unwanted pregnant for her boyfriend mike while she was still in school.  Beatrice later threw the baby in a dustbin to cover up her evil deed before everyone will know especially to her mum who thought she have been a decent girl in school. She later got married to Achikwe and had a son named chinagorom who later died in COMMUNITY PRIMARY SCHOOL  OBIKWERE because of his mum’s past life.

Beatrice later employed a househelp from there village EKERE and later killed the poor girl out of wickedness, little did she know that she was the same baby she threw to the waste bin many years back. She discovered she had killed her daughter when Nkemchoro was explaining how she picked a baby in a waste bin many years back and later named her Echidime . Nkemchoro was the woman that gave out Echidime to leave with Beatrice. Achikwe later chased 
inherit;">Beatrice away and remarry and had two kid. Nneoma who is Beatrice mother received her back and blamed herself for not being strict with her daughter starting from when she was a child. Beatrice remained barren ,divorced ,cursed and frustrated until her last day on earth.
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