A Student of IMT was beating after been rubbed

Photo: SLT student was rubbed early hour Tuesday.. But we pay school fees why can't you provide for us enough seats. SLT ND 1 students cry 😭😭 to management

The Institute of Management and Technology, IMT Student wrote to us this morning said,

Good morning
My heart is full with pain i can't believe please management help us my heart is full with tear and pain. *Suspect to be crying while typing....*

Just beacause to have seat for lectures this girl and her friend was robbed this morning early hour why rushing to school to have a seats for lectures... but we pay school fee why can't you provide seat of us.. SLT department is suffer


  1. It's quite unfortunate that the school management can not provide enough seat for the students, even we the COMPUTER SCIENCE DEPARTMENT doesn't have enough for ourselves. Please, the school management should do something about it, Thanks.


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