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Fernandes Debut!, Matic Suspension! Lingard... Possible United Formations Against Wolves on Saturday

Lingard is now a certified flop, Matic who provides stability to the team has been suspended and Mactominay is still in injury. What does this mean for the united new man? He is definitely going to have his debut on saturday. But how will he line up against Fred and Perreira? United might go for 4 - 2 - 3 - 1 formation where, Fred and Perriera sit at the middle of the park to provide screening fro james, mata and fernandes as shown in the picture below. However, this will only be effective if someone plays with Martial. Martial is definitely not a lover of long passes like the likes of Rashford, Lukaku and Ibrahimovic It could also be a 4 - 3 - 3 formation where James - Martial - Mata are upfront with Fred - Fernandes - Perreira behind What formation do you think united will go for?

A Student of IMT was beating after been rubbed

Photo: SLT student was rubbed early hour Tuesday.. But we pay school fees why can't you provide for us enough seats. SLT ND 1 students cry 😭😭 to management The Institute of Management and Technology, IMT Student wrote to us this morning said, Good morning My heart is full with pain i can't believe please management help us my heart is full with tear and pain. *Suspect to be crying while typing....* Just beacause to have seat for lectures this girl and her friend was robbed this morning early hour why rushing to school to have a seats for lectures... but we pay school fee why can't you provide seat of us.. SLT department is suffer

Feel alright by sk boy ft young esz

New music by sk_boy ft young esz Feel alright


"KARMA FROM THE PAST ”  by  OZE   AZUBIKE   PAUL,  is a touching story about  Beatrice  who messed herself up in her youthful age and got in unwanted pregnant for her boyfriend  mike  while she was still in school.   Beatrice  later threw the baby in a dustbin to cover up her evil deed before everyone will know especially to her mum who thought she have been a decent girl in school. She later got married to  Achikwe  and had a son named  chinagorom  who later died in COMMUNITY  PRIMARY SCHOOL  OBIKWERE  because of his mum’s past life. Beatrice  later employed a househelp from there village  EKERE  and later killed the poor girl out of wickedness, little did she know that she was the same baby she threw to the waste bin many years back. She discovered she had killed her daughter when Nkemchoro was explaining how she picked a baby in a waste bin many years back and later named her  Echidime  .  Nkemchoro  was the woman that gave out  Echidime  to leave with  Beatrice. Achikwe