Welcome 2017 with a Safe New Year's Eve!

We will celebrate New Year's Eve tonight and there are a number of things to consider when it comes to celebrating safely. Here are a few things to think about for our New Years celebrations:

Don't Drink and Drive!

•Use a designated driver, or if need be, call AAA Tipsy Tow for a ride home for you and your car. See AAA website or call 800-400-4222 for information.

DO NOT fire weapons into the air. Bullets and projectiles can travel long distances causing injury and death. You have no control where a projectile will land when fired indiscriminately into the air.

Stay inside at the stroke of midnight! Celebrate with friends and family indoors.

Keep an eye on your pets. Loud noises, fireworks, gunshots, all can be frightening to animals. Keep your pets indoors or consult your veterinarian for options. Make sure they are wearing collars with identification should they become lost.

Remember to celebrate safely and smartly. Enjoy the New Year celebration!


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